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Tribal Community Development Loans

Once, Tribes had little choice but to depend on the Federal government funding to meet their community development needs.  Today, however, Federal and public sector support are flat or declining.  Even when Tribes are able to access highly competitive grant funds, Federal approval and disbursement delays are common.  This can challenge Tribal leaders and communities as they work to initiate, implement, or finalize their community development projects.

Bridge loans offered by Native Capital Access offer a credit-savvy solution to fill these gaps in funding.  Bridge loans facilitate uninterrupted Tribal community development activities until other funding is secured and offer an opportunity for Tribes and Tribal departments to establish a positive credit history positioning them for greater access to public and private sector capital over time.

Find out more about some of the projects completed through our Tribal Community Development Loans on our Projects Page.

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  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Community Facilities