Bridging the Capital Divide

Our Story

Concerned about the on-going disparity in access to private sector capital for projects on tribal lands, tribal leaders from across Arizona and New Mexico met in 2003 to raise awareness and develop solutions that would benefit Indian Country.  At this meeting, the group proposed to establish an intermediary organization that would bridge the divide between tribes and the capital resources needed to build tribal economies.

We are that intermediary.  We are Native Community Capital, a team of financing professionals dedicated to ensuring that capital is readily available and to use for your community’s work to build a strong, diverse and enduring economic foundation.

Native Community Capital is also the result of an historic first when in 2019 three previously separate Native CDFI’s agreed to operate as one organization.  The vision realized is the combining of talent, assets and markets to pursue a shared goal of closing the financial gap between tribes and the financial sector.

Our work with tribes, individual Native Americans and Native entrepreneurs helps them better prepare to access private sector capital and other underutilized resources for projects, homes and businesses.  Our work with public- and private-sector partners helps them better deploy their resources intended for under served Native communities.

Together we navigate the restricted nature of Indian lands as well as historical, economic, and cultural factors to increase access to capital for Native America.

Do you want to take advantage of technical support?  Or have a project, home or business that needs financing?

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